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Facebook 10th Anniversary – A Look Back At Your Facebook Moments

Facebook 10th Anniversary
Source: brandignity

Yesterday, the world’s top social network site, Facebook turned 10. The social network that started 10 years ago from now has become a social network giant today with billions of users. To celebrate their success and 10th anniversary, Facebook has a gift for all of their users, A Look Back.

A Look Back is a feature by Facebook that provides a minute long personalized video for each user. It provides a look into their important moments on Facebook, giving us all a feeling of nostalgia and making us realize how far we have come along with Facebook.

The founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg also celebrated the anniversary with this post on his timeline.

According to The Verge, Facebook spent several weeks in creating this feature. For the last few years, Facebook also provided each user with images of their activity on Facebook in Year in Review feature at the end of each year.

Facebook 10 Years
Source: DPFOC

Yahoo New Local Search Results

With the aim of surpassing their competitor – Google – Yahoo has updated their local search result. Yahoo’s new local search result is similar to Google’s as it also shows the details, images and location of a local business when a visitor clicks on the local result. Yahoo announced this update yesterday on their Tumblr.

Here is an example of Yahoo’s new local search result.

 Yahoo New Local Search Result

History of Google Search (Infographic)

The history of Google Search brilliantly put by Tamar into this Infographic. This infographics depicts the major algorithmic changes in Google Search since its creation in 1998. It has been 16 years since its creation; Google has indeed come a long way. Since early 2011, Google has rolled out 24 known Panda updates. See, how Google Search became what it is today.

Google Search History

Google’s Matt Cutts on Link Building Through Article Directories

Google’s head of search spam has Matt Cutts
recently posted a video about link building through article directories. In his video he has clearly asked webmasters to avoid using article directories for the link building purposes.

The question was:

“Links from relevant content in article directories — Seen as good or bad? eg. I link my beauty website from a cosmetic surgery article on say, Ezine? Would you do that?”

– Deepika, India

Below are the video and audio of the answer by Matt Cutts for the question.

Following is the transcription of the part of the video where Matt Cutts answered the question.

“I think over time article directories have gotten little bit of a worst name. So just refresh everybody’s memory. An article directory is basically where you write three, four or five hundred of content and then you include a little bio or some information about you at the bottom of the article and you might have say 3 links with keyword rich anchor text at the bottom of that article and then submit that to a bunch of what is known as article directories which anyone can download or maybe they pay to download and use them on your own website or their own website. And The theory behind is that if somebody find it useful and puts it on their webpage then you might get a few links. Now in practice what we have seen is this often tends to be a little bit of lower quality stuff. In fact we have seen more and more instances where you end up with really kind of spammy content getting sprayed and syndicated all over the entire web. So, in my particular opinion, article directories and just trying to rank one article and just syndicating it wildly or just uploading it to every site of the world hoping that everybody else will download it and use it on their website I wouldn’t necessarily count on that being effective. We certainly have algorithmic thing that would mean that it’s probably a little less like it could be successful now compare to few years ago, for example. So my personal recommendation would probably not to upload an article like that.”

– Matt Cutts, Google Head of Search Spam

Matt Cutts also tweeted his shortest and simplest response to the question.

The Periodic Table of Search Ranking Factors

Search Engine Optimization – SEO – may not be a rocket science, but still there is a logic and little bit of science behind it. Writing great content and being active on social sites, does not necessarily mean you will rank good on search engines. Although you may be following Google guidelines here, but still you are ignoring the ranking signals (factors) used by search engines.

Great content is not all about putting great stuff, but also about optimizing it so search engines can crawl and rank it on right keywords. What is the use of putting out a content which cannot be found on search engines? Therefore, keep in mind the search engine ranking signals as well when writing content or creating a website.

There are too many ranking signals used by search engine and it is a pain to remember all of them. Therefore, to ease our pain of remembering all of them, Search Engine Land and Column Five Media came up with the Periodic Table of Search Engine Ranking Factors.

The Periodic Table of Search Engine Ranking Factors