Budget Friendly AMD Radeon R7 250X Announced

Radeon R7 250X

Today, AMD has officially announced its upcoming entry-level card Radeon R7 250X, set to compete against NVIDIA GTX 650.

AMD R7 250X is not exactly a new card, but it is more like a re-branded version of Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition card that should fill the gap between R7 250 and R7 260. 250X is aimed at budget-minded PC users with the price tag of $100 only.

Similar to 7770 GHz Edition, 250X will also be based on Cape Verde GPU with 640 stream processors, 16 ROPs, 40 texture units, 128-bit memory interface, core clock speed of 1000 MHz, 1-2 GB GDD5 VRAM and Direct X 11.2 support. 250X is expected to deliver 20-30 percent increased in performance, compared to 250.

AMD Radeon HD 250X will be available in US soon. Read more at Softpedia.

R7 250X specs

R7 250X comparison


Download Puzzle Game “Threes!” For iOS

The developers of three popular games Hundred, Puzzle Juice and Ridiculous Fishing, brings you another challenging puzzle game Threes! It is available to download for iOS 6.0 or later devices.

Threes! is a puzzle game that centers around the number three and is created by three developers; Asher Vollmer, Greg Wohlwend and Jimmy Hinson. The game has simple and minimalistic look, but its gameplay is quite challenging. In Threes! you are challenged come up with as many multiples of 3 as possible to score as high as possible.

Threes! Trailer

The gameplay involves combining numbered block to form ever increasing multiples of 3. The concept is pretty simple and straight, but it becomes quite challenging because of some rules. In the game you are require to combine numbers to form a multiple of three, but not all numbers can be combined. The real challenging part is that only same numbers can be combined, like 3 and 3 can be combined to form 6 which then can only be combined with another 6 to form 36, and so on. Only number 1 and 2 are exempted from this rule, as 1 and 2 can be combined to form 3.

With each slide the number on the board increases and your goal is to keep forming multiples of three so the board does not get full. If the board gets full, it is game over for you.

Threes! is indeed a tiny game with big challenge.

Touch arcade gave 5 out 5 to Threes! Here is the full review of Threes!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specifications Leaked

Samsung Unpacked 5

As the Mobile World Congress 2014 draws near, a leaked benchmark reveals the possible specifications of Samsung’s upcoming device, Galaxy S5.

Specifications of Samsung next flagship phone was leaked in some screenshots while it was running benchmark test on AnTuTu benchmarking app. These screens were first surfaced on HD Blog.

According to the leaked screenshots, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be equipped with 2.5GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, Andreno 330 GPU, and 2GB RAM and will run on Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS. It will come with FullHD display with 480dpi.

The main highlight of Galaxy S5, according to the leaked screens, could be its 16 megapixel rear camera and 2.1 megapixel front camera.

Samsung Leaked Benchmark

Samsung Leaked Benchmark

Samsung Leaked Benchmark Samsung Leaked Benchmark Samsung Leaked Benchmark Samsung Leaked Benchmark Samsung Leaked Benchmark


Possible Leak – Fallout 4: Shadows of Boston (Updated)

Fallout 4 IMDB
Source: IMDB

Fans of Fallout all around the world have been eagerly waiting to hear any official words on the next entry in the Fallout series. We have been hearing rumors and seeing hoaxes about Fallout 4 for quite some time, but we have yet to see something official.

This might not be something concrete, but still it is enough to give us some hope. An IMDB listing labeled “Fallout: Shadows of Boston” has recently surfaced with the release date being some time in 2017. There is nothing to confirm the authenticity of this listing, but there is also no evidence of it being false.

Also, according to the recently leaked documents, it was reported that the location of Fallout 4 will be Boston. Therefore, this IMDB listing could really be the Fallout 4 we all have longed for. Just as a reminder, there is still no official confirmation of the existence of Fallout 4.

Update: The IMDB listing page has been taken down. Does this count as a confirmation?

HTC M8 Leaked – Possible Upcoming HTC Phone

An image of a new HTC phone has recently surface on twitter in a tweet by Russian site HTCFamily.ru.

This new HTC phone, code named HTC M8, could be the successor to the HTC One since its casing is similar to HTC One.

Things that differentiate it from HTC One are two camera lenses with dual flash on the back.

The Russian site HTCfamily.ru also posted some schematic of the front of HTC M8 that tells that it might not have any physical buttons that we usually see in any smartphone for power on and off.

With Samsung preparing for Galaxy S5 and Apple possibly preparing for next iPhone, it completely makes sense for HTC to be working on their next flagship as well.

Facebook 10th Anniversary – A Look Back At Your Facebook Moments

Facebook 10th Anniversary
Source: brandignity

Yesterday, the world’s top social network site, Facebook turned 10. The social network that started 10 years ago from now has become a social network giant today with billions of users. To celebrate their success and 10th anniversary, Facebook has a gift for all of their users, A Look Back.

A Look Back is a feature by Facebook that provides a minute long personalized video for each user. It provides a look into their important moments on Facebook, giving us all a feeling of nostalgia and making us realize how far we have come along with Facebook.

The founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg also celebrated the anniversary with this post on his timeline.

According to The Verge, Facebook spent several weeks in creating this feature. For the last few years, Facebook also provided each user with images of their activity on Facebook in Year in Review feature at the end of each year.

Facebook 10 Years
Source: DPFOC

Facebook Paper App Available For Download

Facebook Paper Screenshot 3

The newest app by Facebook, Paper, has instantly become a hit in the iTunes App Store just after its official release. The app was released on February 3rd, 2014 for iOS 7.0 (or later) devices and is available for US citizens only. It is available to download from iTunes App Store.

Facebook Paper is actually a news reader app, similar to Flipboard and Google Currents. It is a news curation app that shows content from your Facebook’s news feed, which may include stories, photos, and videos from your subscribed sources as well. Paper allows users to customize their experience by customizing the sections showing stories from their Facebook news feed, external sources, and other reliable publications.

With Facebook Paper, you can also catch up with the news and stories that you may have missed. Paper is also integrated with the Facebook functionality that allows users to compose and share content from the app and access their Facebook messages and notifications as well.

Check out Facebook Paper review by TechCrunch.

Facebook Paper Screenshot Facebook Paper Screenshot 2

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